Ambria Homes is quickly making a name for itself among Canadian home builders, led by a developer with a long and distinguished history in the industry. 

President and CEO Peter D’Ambrosio has assembled a team of highly experienced and respected industry professionals, including planners, leading architects and interior designers, all of whom offer unique talent and expertise to building great communities. 

Responsible for the creation of over 4,500 low-rise and high-rise homes in a broad range of successful new communities, the principals at the forefront of Ambria Homes and its construction arm, Index Construction, share a far-ranging vision and leadership skills.

At Ambria, this seasoned management team is committed to satisfying both their homebuying customers and homebuilding partners. The Ambria team is dedicated to the quality of their product and a strict adherence to timelines and budgets in their operation. 

Rooted in experience and expertise, and dedicated to integrity and innovation, Ambria builds communities that focus on the dreams and desires of those who live there.

the team

Founded in 2007, the Hujade Group is a diversified real estate development investment firm responsible for a wide variety of successful residential and commercial projects in the GTA area. Over the past decade, the company has become renowned for the exceptional high standard of performance and delivering quality homes in a variety of communities within Canada and the United States.

Since its founding in 1998, Team 2000 has risen to become one of the leading independent sales and marketing realtors in the Greater Toronto Area.  With their team of real estate specialists, their mission is to provide their clients with a comprehensive approach to the sales and marketing of new and resale low rise and high rise properties across the GTA and GGH.

RN Design, founded in 1991, is an award-winning architectural firm that specializes in the residential development industry.  The firm has been influential in designing new residences of all forms and styles, and its portfolio includes almost 5,000 home designs/working drawings and 15,000 lot grading plans in approximately 150 communities.

Ryan Design International is a leader and innovator in the field of real estate marketing, advertising and graphic and environmental design as well as cutting-edge web marketing.  Since its founding in 1977, the company has grown into a full-service advertising agency, playing an instrumental role in the successful launch of many international real estate projects.

MHBC integrates landscape architectural principles in planning all of its projects and applies creative and practical design solutions that reflect the local community’s unique vision and character. Its sustainable and maintainable designs merge harmoniously with nature, foster a sense of place, enhance community life, and create safe, healthy, and desirable human spaces.

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