Colour and How it Impacts Your Mood

Colour affects us in so many ways, evoking specific moods and thoughts. Every room in your home has a significant impact on your emotions and behaviours depending on its colour.

We typically choose paint colours that are a direct reflection of our disposition. Some prefer bright and/or darker colours while others steer toward lighter shades for their calming affects.

When choosing a colour for your bedroom, it is no surprise that most people choose shades that are commonly associated with relaxation and tranquillity. Darker and/or vibrant colours are best left to a home’s living/dining areas.

Colour also has the power to change the shape and size of a room; cool colours can make a room appear larger which will directly impact they way we feel in that space.

Equip yourself with the psychology of colour before choosing that perfect shade! Keep in mind how certain colours make you feel as wall colours will set the tone for your entire space.